Zaphir Wind Chimes

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5 Beautiful Melodies

Zaphir Wind Chimes are hand crafted and precisely tuned musical instruments, available in five beautiful melodies and many vibrant colours.

Precision Tuned

Eight chords of different lengths, are welded with silver into a metal plate at the base of a resonance tube. Through precise tuning of the different tone ranges, the harmonic progression of tones starts switching into overtones, in a circling almost endless flow.

9 Vibrant Colours

A specific oil paint-marbling technique known as ‘oil-paint on water’ has been developed by Atelier Zaphir, achieving a more natural and refined colour, giving the Zaphir chime it’s unique and vibrant design.

Eco Friendly

Working together with several artists and providers, Zaphir chimes are crafted from mostly natural materials. A finishing layer of Eco-label varnish is applied to protect from the weather and the wooden wind catcher is wax coated.


Resonance tube height: 12.5cm
Resonance tube width: 6.5cm
Total height from tip to top: 37.5cm

Zaphir Care

The Zaphir chimes should be good for outdoors use. However, like all outdoor objects, they must be regularly treated with a protective oil. We admit, that without the experience of time, the Zaphir chimes cannot be guaranteed for outdoors use at this moment.



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