Zaphir Chimes - Set of Five


Weight .75 kg
  • Zaphir Chimes - Sunray

  • Zaphir Chimes - Blue Moon

  • Zaphir Chimes - Sufi

  • Zaphir Chimes - Twilight

  • Zaphir Chimes - Crystalide

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Melodies: Sufi, Blue Moon, Twilight, Crystalide, Sunray
– Sufi: F-A-D-F-A-G-A-D
– Blue Moon: D-F-A-B-C-E-A#-C
– Twilight: E-G-B-C-E-G-B-C
– Crystalide: G-A-B-D-A-G-B-D
– Sunray: G#-B-C#-E-G#-E-A-C#
Material: Tightly wound celluloid fibre
Design: Oil paint on water (9 different colours, Deep Blue, light blue, red, orange, yellow, deep green, light green, turquoise, purple)
Finish: Clear eco-varnish
Origin: Hand crafted in France

Resonance tube height: 12.5cm
Resonance tube width: 6.5cm
Total height from tip to top: 37.5cm