Conny Sommer - The Big Sansula Instruction Book (Only for Sansula Basic and Sansula Deluxe)


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Please note: this book is ‘ONLY’ for the Sansula Basic and Sansula Deluxe models.

Comprehensive textbook for HOKEMA Sansula Basic & Deluxe (9 tines)

* 104 pages, paperback.
* 12 different moods, numerous exercises and melody patterns for each mood.
* 17 pieces of music especially arranged for Sansula for various levels of difficulty.
* Presentation in sheet music and tablature.
* Mp3-CD with music examples and play-a-longs, large link library, which can be accessed via QR codes printed in the book by the author of the best-selling textbook “The big instruction book for the Cajon”

About the book:

“The Sansula is a very special instrument.

Its unique resonance system and the outstanding workmanship makes it the perfect Kalimba, which through its floating and ell-like sound draws both the player and the listener into its world.

The Sansula’s range of nine pitches is easy to comprehend, even for people with little musical experience. within a few minutes one gets into the flow, which awakens the drive to play and allows the player to surf on the safe of its own beautiful sound.

If one exhausts the tone combinations a particular tuning, you can simply re-tune the Sansula.

With a new musical key, scale or range, a new musical sound-cosmos opens up and the game begins a new.

This book covers a total of 14 different tunings for the Sansula. Every tuning contains numerous musical possibilities.

The scope and dynamics goes from dreamy slow, or bluesy-cool to powerful virtuosic. Genres from Folk, Singer/Songwriter to Celtic Pop and Bluegrass are covered.

In the 18 pieces presented in this book, the Sansula will not only be presented in its role as accompanying instrument, but also where it functions as the lead melody.

In the audio section of this book, each piece is presented on the CD as a learn-version in a slow tempo, as well as a recording of a band version in the original tempo played solely by acoustic instruments.

Evert notated exercise is available as a MP3 file, on the MP3-CD as well as in the corresponding online-library. Numerous external video and audio examples, linked by QR codes, will give you a deeper insight into the presented material.

About the author:

Conny Sommer was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1963. He studied Musicology with an emphasis on Ethno-Musicology in Hamburg, and has lived in Leibzig since 2007.

For nearly 30 years he has been a professional percussionist, and has played in many different musical formats. In the last few years his work as an educator has become fore of a mental focus.

In addition to his artistic activities, Conny currently conducts workshop series for cajon, kalimba, elementary rhythmic, and mixes percussion. Conny’s interest in lamellophones began in the 1980’s and deepened during his studies in Hamburg. Since 1990 the kalimba has had a permanent place in Conny’s live instrument set-up. His enthusiasm for the instrument can be heard on numerous CDs, on youtube and in concert.”