Planetware tuning fork set, large plus, tuning for set of three in box

Planetware - Tuning Fork Basic Set (Large Plus)


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– 3 Large tuning forks for body clock tuning
– Tuning tones for relaxation, stimulation, therapy, prevention and making music.
– Manufactured using high quality nickel-plated steel.
– Vibrate longer than the standard forks due to the larger mass
– Ergonomically shaped soft grip handle makes it easier and more comfortable to use during sonopuncture.

The three chronobiologically relevant tones
– 194.18 Hz Earth day
– 136.10 Hz Earth year
– 210.42 Hz Synodic moon

The constant change of day and night, the seasons and the moon cycles are the clocks of our inner clock. They determine the daily waking and sleeping rhythm and other biological processes. The higher octaves of these periods serve as vocal frequencies to harmonize our chronobiological clock.  
These tuning forks are mainly used for sonopuncture. The stem of a struck tuning fork is placed on the body. In the frequency of the tuning fork, the vibration of the tapping tuning fork clearly noticeably ‘massages’ the area of the point of application.

The application can be done intuitively. Doctors and healers trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use sonopuncture like acupressure or acupuncture very specifically. Following their guidance, sonopuncture can be continued at home.

Tuning: Accuracy 1% (1/100 semitone step).

Note: The Planetware tuning fork audio files are sythesizer representations of the exact frequency. Not a recording of the tuning fork itself.

Read more: The Cosmic Octave by Hans Coustou.

– Milled from one piece of high-quality nickel-plated tool grade steel.
– Fork foot with handle padding made of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) filled with cork.

Weight: 396g
Total length 9.5″
Stem length: 2.2″
Arms: 0.2 x 0.3″ High-contrast stamped with the Planet name and frequency
Origin: Made in Germany