Olli Hess gong friction mallet lava 60mm

Olli Hess - Friction Mallets (Lava Edition)


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Olli Hess friction mallets:

Head and handle are made of natural rubber and are completely black.
The material used is particularly resistant and provides a unique variety of sounds.

Olli Hess Gong Driver Lava Edition – soft sound meets highest quality

The demands on a friction mallet are high, because on the one hand it should enable the most intense and clear sound possible, but at the same time it should not leave any traces on the gong. The ollihess friction mallet from the Lava Edition meets exactly these requirements and brings you a completely new sound experience.

Soft and bright tones for your meditative gong playing

Take your gong playing to the next level: With our friction mallets you can discover your sound instrument all over again. Due to the friction acting on the gong with a friction mallet from the Lava Edition by Olli Hess, the gong begins to vibrate and the sound image takes on completely new dimensions. The deep beats with the Gong Mallet are in direct contrast to the soft, bright tones made possible with the friction mallet from the Lava Edition by Olli Hess. Thus, the sound produced by a gong with the friction mallet is often reminiscent of harmonious whale songs or the soothing “Om” mantra known to monks.

Innovative handle and hand ground natural rubber head

To provide the soft and soothing tones expected from a friction mallet, we rely entirely on natural rubber for the Lava Edition friction mallets. The material allows you to elicit pleasant and sensual sounds from your instrument. The use of treated natural rubber in the handle and head of the mallet, makes it particularly resistant and prevents scratches or other damage to the gong. In addition, the purely vegan natural rubber also provides an insanely wide variety of sounds.

The highlight of our Lava Edition friction mallets is the ball of the head. It is precision hand cut and finished and you can get it in different sizes.

The ollihess friction mallet Lava Edition is available in four different variants:

  • 30 mm head diameter
  • 40 mm head diameter
  • 50 mm head diameter
  • 60 mm head diameter
  • 70 mm head diameter

The entire production of the Olli Hess friction mallet from the Lava Edition takes place in Germany, always accompanied by recurring quality controls. The careful selection of the material and the pure handwork ensure that there is no annoying squeaking when using the Lava Edition friction mallet.

Ingenious design, perfectly balanced in your hand

You’ll stand out with our friction mallet: The handle of the Olli Hess Lava Edition friction mallet is wrapped in a subtle black that immediately catches the eye or literally melts into the ambience, depending on the surroundings. Due to the handle thickness of 6 mm and the handle length of 16.5 cm, the friction mallet lies comfortably light in your hand and can be gripped well in any position – without you having to reckon with symptoms of fatigue. Of course, the low weight, which is only about 20 grams, also contributes to this. The combination of materials and the high quality workmanship of the Lava Edition friction mallet allow you to create a sound game with very bright and appealing tones.

Sustainability, environmental awareness and ethics – our values

We promise you the highest quality standards. We insist on sustainability and environmental awareness in the selection of our materials and our manufacturing processes. We rely on regional raw materials and produce our friction mallets ethically.

Our approach is creative: we are always looking for new solutions to better meet or exceed your needs with our products. Olli Hess personally supervises the manufacturing processes from the first to the last step – so we guarantee you a particularly high-quality and flawless product.

Care and tips

The Lava Edition friction mallets are high quality friction mallets made from a natural rubber. The balls are handmade and are therefore all slightly different.

If you want to have fun with your new friction mallets for a long time then I ask you to consider this:

  • When you’re done playing gongs, it’s best to put the friction mallet back in a sealed, perhaps opaque bag (that way it’s not as exposed to UV light).
  • Our friction mallets have an ageing protection. However, this protection may cause white spots to appear on the surface from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with that… A short “shower” with hot water can help. Then allow to air dry.

If you keep these things in mind, the Lava Edition friction mallet will be with you for a long time.

A few words about wear

Friction mallets are commodities. This means that the more intensively you use them, the faster they show signs of wear.

Imagine a car tyre: If you drive a lot, it wears out faster. Or a windshield wiper…

It is similar with friction mallets. Unfortunately, since these friction mallets are made of natural rubber, they may not last forever. Despite all this, these quality friction mallets – with the above tips – will give you long pleasure!

I wish you a lot of fun with the ollihess friction mallets of the Lava Edition!

Size: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm
Description: Rubber friction mallets
Origin: Germany