Meinl Tingsha

Meinl - Tingsha


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The Meinl Sonic Energy Tingsha is true to the classical Tibetan cymbal. This instrument consists of two metal plates at either end of a cord. To bring the bell tone to play, it is enough to collide the cymbals gently. The peculiarity of this instrument is the interval between the two cymbals. This interval is one octave higher than our brain’s alpha state. When we hear the sounds each cymbal shares through their overtones and listen to the leap between them, it is easier to enter into a meditative state.

The sound of the Meinl Sonic Energy Tingshas can be described as clear, high, brilliant, and dazzling. It lasts for about 12 seconds, becoming steadily softer over time, until it finally fades away completely.

Clear, bright sounds, that’s what the Tingsha is best known for. They are particularly loved by sound- and meditation therapists for their therapeutic qualities and applications.

Weight: 375g
Size: 3.15″
Includes: Cotton bag
Material: Special Cast Alloy
Origin: India


Listen to the Meinl – Tingsha