Meinl - 24" Synodic Moon Gong G#2



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Meinl Sonic Energy’s Planetary Tuned Gongs are handcrafted in Germany in the European gong-making tradition. Each gong is tuned to create the corresponding frequency using Hans Cousto’s (The Cosmic Octave) calculations to match the frequencies of the sun, moon, and planets. The gong craftsmen manufacture these gongs to respond with exceptional sensitivity in all playing situations. The long hours spent handcrafting the metal gives them their intriguing tone. It’s relaxing and atmospheric.

Please note: This is a handcrafted instrument forged by heating the metal alloy to great temperatures, then hand hammering the surface to achieve a desired pitch and tone. Our handmade process makes each gong unique, with no two gongs having identical-looking surfaces. Variations in hand hammer patterns and coloration from the heating process will occur, and it’s a testament to our highly intricate work that results in exquisite sound.

Tuning: 210.42 Hz / G#2, A4/a’ 440 Hz → 445.86 Hz
Diameter: 24″ / 60cm
Material: Nickel silver
– Handcrafted masterpiece
– Made in Germany
– Exact fine-tuning through hand-hammering
– Printed logo and tuning info
Includes: Cover and gloves


Listen to the Meinl 24″ Synodic Moon Gong G#2