Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes inside
Koshi aqua(water)
Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes inside

Koshi Wind Chime – Aqua (Water)


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Let the enchanting sound of our best-selling Koshi water chime lift your mood and energise your space.

Crafted by hand at the foot of the Pyrenean Mountains in France, the Koshi water chime will evoke a sense of calm and serenity in any space. Hang it by a window in your home office to bring peace to your workday or let the sounds dance along the wind in your garden.

Symbolism: Koshi – Aqua (Water) is inspired by the element of water, gentle-yet-powerful, formless and flowing. That essence is beautifully captured in the Koshi’s enchanting, melodic tune.

Koshi – Aqua (Water) chime is an extraordinary instrument, precisely tuned to A-D-F-G-A-D-F-A. Aqua is our best-seller and part of a collection of four Koshi chimes inspired by the elements. You can view the full set here.

Made from bamboo veneer, 8x chime rods, finished with a natural protective oil.

– Resonance tube height: 16.5cm
– Resonance tube width: 6.3cm
– Total height from tip to top: 36cm

Caring for your Koshi wind chime:
Upon purchase, we’ll share simple instructions on setting up and caring for your Koshi chime. For longevity, hang your Koshi chime somewhere protected from harsh weather such as wind or rain. As with any wooden item, you’ll need to apply a protective oil from time to time to increase its lifespan.


Listen to Koshi – Aqua (Water)


All you need to know about Koshi – Aqua (Water)

Do I have to tune my own Koshi water chime?
No, as long as you care for your Koshi chime, it will maintain its tuning throughout its lifespan.

How do I care for my Koshi – wind chime?
We’ll provide simple instructions to help you look after your Koshi chime. Hang it somewhere protected from the elements and apply a protective oil every now and again for longevity.

Can I buy the other Koshi chimes as a set?
Yes, you can purchase all four Koshi chimes as a set to experience the full power of the Koshi melody at once. View the full set here. Alternatively, you can pair two or more Koshi chimes for a more dynamic, layered sound. See our other Koshi wind chimes.


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