Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes ignis resting
Koshi wind chimes inside
Koshi ignis(fire)
Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes ignis resting
Koshi wind chimes inside

Koshi Wind Chimes – Ignis (Fire)


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Indulge your senses with the uplifting yet soothing resonance of the Koshi Ignis wind chime, inspired by the element of fire.

An elegant-looking instrument with uplifting, resonant tones, the Koshi Fire chime is one of our bestselling pieces. Koshi wind chimes are meticulously handcrafted at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in France, respecting centuries-old traditions to ensure the authenticity and quality of each item.

Koshi – Ignis (Fire) is inspired by the element of fire, which symbolises passion, intensity, illumination, creation, transformation, renewal and the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.

All chimes are precisely tuned to last a lifetime of enjoyment. Due to its remarkably harmonic overtones, the Koshi wind chime is a popular instrument used by meditation guides, sound therapists and yoga teachers across the globe. Play the Koshi wind chime alone or in harmony with any or all of the other three Koshi chimes.

Transform your garden or balcony into a tranquil sanctuary by hanging your chime In a protected area and let your sound journey begin. The Koshi chime is also a popular choice for use during meditation or relaxing yoga sessions.

The Koshi Ignis (Fire) Chime is a precisely tuned instrument. Notes: G-B-D-G-B-D-G-A.
It is one of the four Koshi chimes inspired by the elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Discover the complete set here.

Made from bamboo veneer resonance tube and 8x chime rods, finished with a natural protective oil.

– Resonance tube height: 16.5 cm
– Resonance tube width: 6.3 cm
– Total height from tip to top: 36 cm

Caring for your Koshi wind chime
Simple instructions on set up and care will accompany your Koshi chime. For longevity, hang your Koshi chime in a protected area, away from harsh elements such as direct sun and rain. Apply a protective oil (either clear ‘teak oil’ or clear ‘tung oil’) occasionally to increase its lifespan and maintain its lustre. For more details, see our Koshi Care Instructions.


Listen to Koshi – Ignis (Fire)


All you need to know about Koshi – Fire wind chime

How do I care for my Koshi – Fire wind chime?
Your Koshi – Fire wind chime comes with easy-to-follow instructions on care.
Hang your chime in a protected area, safe from the elements. Apply a protective oil when required to enhance its longevity.

Do I have to tune my own Koshi – Fire chime?
You don’t need to tune your Koshi – Fire wind chime. One of their benefits is that they will maintain their tune throughout their lifespan, provided you care for them.

Can I buy the other Koshi chimes as a set?
Koshi chimes can be enjoyed individually or bought as a set of 4 (inspired by elements Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) to enjoy the full depth of harmonies. Alternatively, pair two or three chimes for a more intense, layered sound.


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