Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes inside
Koshi aria(air)
Koshi wind chimes solo boxed
Koshi wind chimes inside

Koshi Wind Chimes - Aria (Air)


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Transform your garden into a tranquil sanctuary and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the Koshi wind chime, inspired by the element of air.

Our authentic Koshi chimes are handcrafted at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in France, with all instruments precisely tuned to last their lifetime. 

Koshi – Aria (Air) is inspired by the element of air, which symbolises the breath of life, freedom, the unseen, intelligence and creativity.

Hang your chime in a protected area in your garden, balcony or by a window. Alternatively, enjoy your instrument during yoga or meditation. Play it independently or in harmony with any or all of the other three Koshi chimes. This chime is a popular instrument used by sound therapists, yoga teachers and meditation guides across the globe.

The Koshi Aria (Air) chime is a precisely tuned instrument. Notes: A-C-E-A-B-C-E-B. 
Aria is one of the four Koshi chimes inspired by the elements. View the complete set here.

Made from bamboo veneer, 8x steel rods, finished with a natural protective oil.

– Resonance tube height: 16.5 cm
– Resonance tube width: 6.3 cm
– Total height from tip to top: 36 cm

Caring for your Koshi wind chime
The Koshi chimes are suitable for outdoor use. However, we recommend you place them in an area protected from the harsher elements (strong wind and rain). As with all wooden objects, we recommend you regularly treat them with a protective oil. For more details, see our Koshi Care Instructions.


Listen to Koshi – Aria (Air)


All you need to know about Koshi – Aria (Air)

Do I have to tune my own Koshi – Aria chime?
No, you don’t have to tune your Koshi chime. Provided you follow our simple care instructions for your chime, it will maintain its tuning throughout its lifespan.

Who created Koshi wind chimes?
The creator of Koshi wind chimes is a respected musician and inventor named Kabir. After the initial success of his trademarked Shanti chimes, Kabir created a new instrument to capture people’s hearts worldwide. The result was the now infamous Koshi chime.

Can I buy the other Koshi chimes as a set?
Yes, to experience the transformative impact of the Koshi melodies at once, you can purchase all four Koshi chimes as a set. Alternatively, pair two or three chimes from a more dynamic, layered sound.


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