Jonathan Goldman tuning forks, gaia frequency body tuners kit, tuning forks on a green bag

Jonathan Goldman - Tuning Forks (Gaia Frequency Body Tuners Kit)


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The Gaia Frequency BODY TUNERS use the scientific principle of beat frequencies to create entrainment with the 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance–the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth – what we call the “Gaia Matrix“.

Through the beat frequencies of the BODY TUNERS it is also possible to enhance connection with the planetary field, allowing you to experience what may well be one of the most powerful and natural vibrations for healing and transformation! The Gaia Frequency BODY TUNERS have been specifically designed to be used directly on the physical body!

– Help harmonize & rejuvenate the body’s physical structure
– Emit the Schumann Resonance frequency directly into the physical body
– Restore balance to bone, nerves, lymph and body tissue, bathing them with the natural healing frequencies of the Schumann Resonance.
– Stimulate the nerves and vibrate the body with deep grounding earth tones
– Facilitate the release of tension from the body, bringing a sense of deep relaxation and calming peace
– Work with acupuncture, acupressure, and other healing points associated with various body therapies
– Relax, align, and restore health

Weight: 454g
Material: Precisely tuned aerospace grade aluminum alloy (will not degrade or corrode and will maintain constant frequency and perform flawlessly for a lifetime.)
Tuning fork frequencies: 125.28 Hz & 133.11 Hz

The Gaia Frequency Body Tuners package includes:
– Two precision tuned Gaia Frequency BODY TUNER forks™
– Healing Sounds Tuning Fork Resonator
– 12 page instruction manual
– Plush velvet drawstring carrying pouch


Introduction to the Jonathan Goldman – Tuning Forks (Gaia Frequency Body Tuners Kit)


Demonstration of the Jonathan Goldman – Tuning Forks (Gaia Frequency Body Tuners Kit)