Jonathan Goldman - 432 Hz & 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Fork Kit


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The mystique of these two frequencies has captured the imagination of many music lovers and healing arts practitioners. These two tones come from very different schools of thought, yet when considered together they form an extraordinary harmony and quantum acoustic alchemy.

The 432 Hz/528 Hz INTENTION ENHANCERS utilize two special frequencies not normally combined as tuning forks. Each of these frequencies is said to possess unique attributes. When they are sounded together the power of these tuning fork frequencies is exponentially enhanced.

The Kit includes a booklet with detailed information on their creation, properties, and uses.

These tuning forks will enhance your connection with universal sacred sonic energy. Enjoy what may be one of the most extraordinary new vibrational ratios for healing and transformation!

Potential Benefits:
– Grounding & nourishment to the body, mind & spirit
– A balanced and calming feeling
– Clearing and removal of negative energy
– An accelerated evolution of consciousness
– Enhanced and amplified intention
– Manifestation of a state of Oneness
– An opening of the heart to higher realms of being

Weight: 454g
Material: Precisely tuned aerospace grade aluminum alloy (will not degrade or corrode and will maintain constant frequency and perform flawlessly for a lifetime.)
Tuning fork frequencies: 432 Hz & 528 Hz

The 432 Hz / 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Forks Kit™includes:
– Two precision tuned 432 Hz/528 Hz INTENTION ENHANCER™ tuning forks
– Healing Sounds Tuning Fork Resonator
– 16 page instruction manual
– Plush velvet two pocket carrying pouch


Introduction to the 432 Hz & 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Fork Kit


Demonstration of the 432 Hz & 528 Hz Intention Enhancer Tuning Fork Kit