How to Play the Gong, DVD Training Course


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DVD Description:

HOW TO PLAY THE GONG is the complete video instructional course for self-study and mastery of the gong.

Performed and written by Mehtab Benton, author of GONG YOGA, this two-volume DVD course demonstrates both basic and advanced playing techniques through a series of practice sessions.

Volume 1 introduces you to the different playing areas of the gong, specific percussion points, and working with the mallet strikes to control volume and create rhythms.

Volume 2 begins with using combination strokes to create a rich wall of sound and then building into more intricate sequences. You’ll learn how to use multiple mallets and several gongs to create an extended sound session through intuitive playing. Bonus features include using the gong with the chakras and a live outdoor performance.

Playing the gong does not require any prior musical experience. You begin with the basic mallet strokes, learn playing sequences and then create your own gong sessions for relaxation, meditation, and healing.