Hokema Sansula (Basic)


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A Minor A440, Koshi Aqua, Koshi Aria, Koshi Ignis, Koshi Terra

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Handmade with quality, eco-friendly wood, the beautiful Sansula makes a wonderful addition to any sound healing instrument collection or for just having fun.

The Sansula is an innovation of the kalimba, patented by Peter Hokema. The Sansula is essentially a kalimba suspended on a drum head which produces a longer, more resonant sound.

The kalimba is a metal-tined instrument played by plucking the tines with the thumb. There are endless versions of kalimbas in all shapes and variations. This versatile instrument originated from sub-Saharan Africa and is a form of the lamellophone.


Technical details

Sound: The vibrations of the kalimba tines are amplified in different ways. You can use a resonator, traditionally a hollow vessel such as a gourd from a calabash tree or simply a piece of solid wood.

The vibrations of the Sansula are a little different to the kalimba, due to the drum head-like membrane and frame. These vibrations are first ‘stored’ in a wooden block and, from there, transmitted to the resonating membrane. The sound is far more prolonged than via other means of amplification.

You can also create a ‘wah-wah’ effect by covering and uncovering the lower part of the frame after playing some notes. For example, by using a tabletop or your lap to create the effect. (Watch video below for demonstration)

Due to the tuning, the octaves are adjacent. Consequently, it’s easy to coax a superb, soft, warm sound rich with overtones from the instrument.

Now the Sansula Basic is also available in the four Koshi Chimes Tunings, Terra, Aqua, Aria & Ignis, so now you can play your Sansula Basic very harmoniously with Koshi Chimes!

Tuning/Fundamental Note:
– A minor 440Hz ( A – C – C – A – A – F – E – E – B )
– Koshi Terra 432Hz ( G – C – C – G – G – F – E – F – B )
– Koshi Aqua 432Hz ( A – D – D – A – A – G – F – F – B )
– Koshi Aria 432Hz ( A – C – C – A – A – G – E – E – B )
– Koshi Ignis 432Hz ( G – B – B – G – G – E – D – D – A )

Uses: The Sansula is easy to use and can even be played by children. It is a popular choice for sound healers and anyone interested in sound healing, sound meditation or any form of relaxing meditative music.

Membrane material: Cellulose

Dimensions: 198 x 155 x 67 mm

Origin: Southern Africa

Made in: Germany


Listen to the Hokema Sansula (Basic)


Care: Keep your Sansula in a dry area, away from moisture. Avoid any extreme temperatures. Clean it regularly using a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and debris from the keys.

Caution: Small children may love the Sansula Basic, but the membrane is unsuitable as it can be easily damaged with ‘wild play’. A more robust version of the Sansula instrument would be more appropriate for little ones. We recommend the Rennaissance (Melody) or Sansula Deluxe, which have stronger membrane types.


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