Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Discover the tranquil and relaxing sounds of wind chimes and the myriad of benefits beyond their enchanting melodies. Generally categorised as a musical instrument played by the wind, these decorative beauties may include multiple tubes or rods which when struck or moved in the wind produce a play of tones.
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Showing 46–54 of 102 results

Showing 46–54 of 102 results


Tranquil wind chimes, handmade all over the world

Wind chimes hold a rich history dating back over 5000 years. They were initially crafted from bones, wood and shells to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. Evolving across Asia and Europe, wind chimes became symbols of peace, tranquillity and harmony. If you want to learn more visit our blog, The History of Wind Chimes.

Koshi Chimes
Paring elegance and beauty, these wind chimes represent earth, air, water and fire and are handcrafted at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in France.
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Zaphir Chimes
Following on from the original Shanti chime, these handcrafted eco-friendly French chimes are available in bold colours and are tuned to a range of peaceful melodies.
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Bamboo Chimes
Mellow and relaxing, these wind chimes are handcrafted from responsibly sourced bamboo in rural Bali and will transport you to the boundless green rice fields of Ubud and beyond.
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Woodstock Chimes
Featuring elegant craftsmanship and traditional design, these wind chimes are fine-tuned to play melodies and scales from around the world.
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Explore the benefits of wind chimes

When you buy a wind chime for yourself or someone special, its gentle tinkling tunes will serve as a natural stress reliever, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Wind chimes can enhance any outdoor space, inviting tranquillity wherever they hang. Their unique designs and delicate beauty are an added delight.

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