Cast Iron Wind Bells

Cast Iron Wind Bells

Cast iron wind chimes, also known as cast iron wind bells or ‘Furin’, are a Japanese cultural icon. Skilled artisans hand-cast each intricate iron chime in artisanal foundries in Iwate, Japan. Tinkling peacefully when the wind blows, they are said to bring good fortune with their merry ringing.
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Showing 1–9 of 34 results


Cast Iron Wind Bells, handcrafted in Japan

Capturing the essence of summer’s gentle breeze, Japanese cast iron wind chimes reflect centuries of metal crafting tradition. In Iwate, Japan, skilled artisans from a collective of small ironware foundries collaborate to handcraft these resonant chimes. Molten iron is poured into intricate sandy/clay moulds, which are then fired over charcoal – following the local kinki-teki technique to create a rust-resistant dark patina.

Each iron wind bell carries symbolic meaning, from owls signifying wisdom and insight to dragonflies for summer’s carefree joy. The single, crisp note of each bell will lift your mood and brighten your day. Enjoy on its own or begin your collection.

All you need to know about cast iron wind chimes

How are Japanese cast iron wind bells made?
Skilled artisans in Iwate’s ironware foundries use the kinki-teki technique to handcraft furin bells – pouring molten iron into sandy/clay moulds and firing it over hot charcoal to harden. Each wind bell is handcrafted with care.

Where do our cast iron wind chimes come from?
Ours come from family-run foundries in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture, where the making of Nambu tekki ironware and furin has endured for generations.

How do I play my cast iron wind chime?
Hang your furin wind bell outdoors or near light airflow indoors so breezes make it sing its crisp, resonant ring. You can also gently tap the windcatcher.

How do I care for my cast iron wind bell?
The special production process helps resist rust, however, we recommend hanging your chime in a semi-protected area out of the harsher elements. The wind catchers are made from paper and can be damaged in the rain. They are easily replaceable – you can even make your own.

For detailed instructions, see ‘Caring for your wind chime’.

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