Experience the soothing resonance of the handpan, a unique hand-crafted percussion instrument to add to your sound healing collection. The handpan’s gentle, melodic notes create a serene atmosphere to complement moments of meditation, effortlessly evoking a sense of calm and lightness.
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High-quality handpans, made in Italy

The handpan is a member of the steelpan family. It draws inspiration from renowned musical traditions including the Trinidadian steelpan, Indian ghatam, Thai gong and Indonesian Gamelan. Crafted from two metal half-shells. It features a central “Ding” root tone field, encircled by a ring of at least seven higher tone fields. Each drum is hand-hammered with care. As the name suggests, it is played by hand which results in the calm, gentle nature of the sound.

Our range of handpans includes four distinct models:

Maestro – A great introductory instrument for those new to the handpan, Maestro is an affordable, classic design. It has a balanced timbre and exceptional tuning stability.

Concerto – A professional-level handpan made from Nitrided steel. Concerto has a percussive sound with a powerful volume full of overtones.

Opera – A slightly more melodic sounding handpan made from stainless steel, Opera is inspired by the Renaissance elements with a warmer sound and longer sustain than other handpans.

Woodpan – A unique, beautifully designed handpan made from specially hardened steel and 50-year-old aged hardwood to provide a more stable and powerful sound.


All you need to know about handpans

How do I play the handpan?
Playing the handpan involves using your hands to strike and resonate its surface. You can explore the different tone fields by tapping or gliding your fingers across them. You can experiment with different hand positions, dynamics and rhythms. The handpan is a fairly intuitive instrument that can be enjoyed by beginners and skilled musicians/percussionists alike.

If you’d like to take lessons in playing the handpan, online tutors are available here – Handpan lessons online

Do I have to tune my own handpan?
Our handpans are precisely tuned and can be ordered in various tunings to suit your melodic needs. They are designed for longevity, so the tuning should remain stable with proper care and handling. However, if tuning is ever required we can suggest a qualified tuner.

Where do our handpans come from?
We work with a leading Italian manufacturer of hand crafted, high-quality handpans and are branded under our Sonic Resonance range. Every Handpan is constructed from genuine, quality nitrided or stainless steel by experienced craftspeople and is precision-tuned and individually tested for sound quality.

What is the wait time for a custom-tuned handpan?
We have a selection of handpans in stock for immediate purchase. However, if you’d like to invest in tuning that is not currently stocked, the wait time is between 30-60 days. This includes design, production and shipping time from Italy. (The Woodpan requires 90 days).

How are handpans made?
Handpans are meticulously crafted by hand, from high-quality nitrided steel or stainless steel. The process involves shaping two metal half-shells, which are then meticulously tuned and hammered to create a central “Ding” (root tone field) surrounded by additional tone fields from the scale. The halves are joined, creating a resonant instrument known for its melodic and soothing qualities.

Who are handpans designed for?
Anyone can enjoy the beautiful melody of the handpan. People who appreciate creating soft, melodic music will benefit most from this unique instrument. You might incorporate it into your meditation or yoga practice, or simply play it amongst friends or in solitude to bring a sense of peace to your surroundings.


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