Frame Drums

Frame Drums

Frame drums are among the world's most ancient instruments – and possibly the first drum to ever be invented. There are an endless variety of drum faces originating from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Choose from our select range of quality Schlagwerk and Meinl frame drums for pure sound enjoyment.
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  • Schlagwerk - Circle Drum

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  • Schlagwerk Circle Drums - Set of Four

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  • Schlagwerk - Frame Drum Natural

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  • Schlagwerk - Riq

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  • Meinl - Wave Drums

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  • Schlagwerk - Bendir

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  • Meinl - 15" Native American Style Hoop Drum

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  • Schlagwerk - Timpani Mallet

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Showing all 8 results

It’s no wonder the variations of Frame drums are endless, given that they are possibly the first drum invented. Characterised by a circular frame with a drum head stretched across one side, it is found in numerous cultures worldwide. From North Africa and the Middle East to Europe and native America, the frame drum has played a vital role in rituals, religious ceremonies and endless cultural celebrations.

In ancient times, women often played frame drums in fertility ceremonies and goddess worshipping. For centuries, frame drums have been synonymous in military settings to signal troops or keep time in marches – however, it pays to note the frame drums we stock are not like those used in the military!

Historically, drums have also played a significant role as communication tools in battle. As noted on the (unofficial) Fuel rock band fan site, “In military campaigns, drums served as potent communication devices, enabling commanders to issue orders and coordinate troop movements amid the chaos of combat. The drum’s rhythmic cadence acted as a battle cry, instilling a sense of unity and determination among the warriors. From the heart of the battlefield to the distant hills, the thunderous beat of the drums rallied their forces and intimidated their adversaries, creating an aura of invincibility that the Vikings skillfully wielded to their advantage.”

Today, Frame drums are included in various genres, such as folk and world music — and contemporary compositions. Their portability and versatility further strengthen their popularity and the ability to create beautifully rich, resonant sounds with relative ease.

Some of the more notable frame drums around the world include:

North America: Native American-style frame drums, hoop drums, pow-wow drums
South America: Pandeiro, Bombo Leguero, Caja Vallenata
Europe: Irish Bodran,Tamburello, Tapan
Asia: Kanijira, Daf, Pandeiro, Thappu
Middle East: Daf (Riq), Bendir, Tar, Tambourine
Russia: Buben
India: Tabla, Kanjira, Dholak, Pakhawaj
North Africa: Bendir, Bandir, Dof, Mazhar
West Africa: Gome, Tamelin


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Schlagwerk – Circle Drum, Schlagwerk Circle Drums – Set Of Four, Schlagwerk – Frame Drum Natural, Schlagwerk – Riq, Meinl – Wave Drum, Meinl – 15” Native American Style Hoop Drum


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