Paiste Symphonic Gongs

Paiste Symphonic Gongs

Symphonic Gongs are known for their harmonic and universal sound structure (with universal meaning sound in its entirety). ‘Symphonic’ refers to the original meaning of uniting harmonic sounds rather than the classical orchestral application. This ancient instrument's complex overtones balance the fundamental note, producing rich, harmonic sounds. Handcrafted in Germany, Paiste Gongs are among the highest quality gongs available around the world today.
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  • Paiste - Symphonic Gongs (20"-80")

    Paiste Symphonic Gongs | Paiste Gongs

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Paiste Symphonic Gongs


Uniting harmonic sounds in their entirety

With complex overtones balancing its fundamental note, the Paiste Symphonic Gong produces rich, harmonic sounds.

Symphonic gongs have a slightly raised surface.They are the oldest and, with some versions, the largest version of the instrument. For example, there is a 60” gong and even the legendary 80” Symphonic Gong, the largest commercially produced gong in the world today.

For reference, Symphonic gongs have sound characteristics comparable to the Planetary Gong.

How do I play my Paiste Gong?
The Symphonic Gongs’ vibrations and rich harmonic sounds can be varied in numerous ways. Alter the effect of the stroke by striking different points, extract lows and highs and play with various sound compositions. Alternatively, you can experiment with mallets in different sizes, weights, designs and compositions.

Symphonic Gong Uses
Paiste Symphonic Gongs are used everywhere by musicians (notably John Bonham from Led Zeppelin), music and sound therapists for sound healing, and in gong baths, sound immersions, yoga studios and meditation retreats.

Sizes: Symphonic Gongs range vastly in size, from diameters of 20” to 80”.

Material: Nickel silver (An alloy of Copper, zinc & nickel)

How should I suspend my gong?
Your Paiste Gong should be hung with enough room to swing freely forward, back, and to the sides without touching the stand. A special suspension cord will come with your gong. This cord minimises the transfer of vibrations to the gond stand. Check for wear periodically. Over time, you may need to replace the cord.

To help you determine the right size stand, a 24” gong is best paired with a 24” gong stand. View our collection of gong stands.

How do I care for my Paiste Gong?
Keep the gong dust-free by covering it with a soft sheet or cloth when not in use. Alternatively, you can purchase a high-quality gong bag from us to protect your gong during transport.
Remove light dust with a soft cloth and avoid placing your fingertips on the metal by using soft gloves or cloth to handle the gong.

Paiste Gongs come with a good wax coating, applied in the final stages of production and should last a long time if handled carefully. We’ll provide detailed care and cleaning instructions when you purchase your order.

What types of Paiste Gongs are available?
Wind Chimes Australia is an Authorised Gong Centre with the full range of Paiste Gongs. In addition to the Symphonic, you can choose from Planet, Sound Creation, Bronze, Brilliant, Accent and Deco Gongs.


Purchase from a Paiste Authorised Gong Centre

As a Paiste Authorized Gong Centre, Wind Chimes Australia can provide you with excellent advice and support, both before and after your purchase.


Choose from a large range

Wind Chimes Australia regularly stock Paiste Symphonic Gongs, from 20” to 38”. Larger Paiste gongs are also available for order upon request. Wait times can be approximately 12 months or more as larger gongs are made to order.


FAQs on Paiste Gongs

For Frequently asked questions about Paiste Gongs, including care instructions, accessories, playing your gong and more, see our gong FAQ page here.


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