Paiste Gongs

Paiste Gongs

Individually hand made in Germany since 1906, Paiste Gongs are among the highest-quality gongs available in the world today. Paiste Gongs are used in gong baths and sound immersions, yoga studios, meditation retreats and sound healing across Australia. As a Paiste Authorised Gong Centre since 2016, we can offer you excellent advice and support.
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  • Paiste - Symphonic Gongs (20"-80")

    Paiste Symphonic Gongs | Paiste Gongs

    From $779.00

  • Paiste 24” Synodic Moon Gong G#2

    Paiste Planet Gongs | Paiste Gongs


  • Protection Racket, Proline Gong Bags (20"-40")

    Paiste Gongs | Gong Accessories

    From $165.00

  • Meinl - 24" Wind Gong Flower of Life

    Paiste Gongs | Meinl Gongs


  • Olli Hess - Soft Mallets

    Paiste Gongs | Gong Mallets

    From $89.00

  • Paiste - 14" Sound Creation Gong, No.9 Chakra

    Paiste Sound Creation Gongs | Paiste Gongs


  • Paiste - 24" Planet Gong, Sidereal Moon A#2

    Paiste Planet Gongs | Paiste Gongs


  • Paiste - 28" Bronze Gong, No.1

    Paiste Gongs | Paiste Bronze Gongs


  • Paiste - Set Square Orchestra Stand (20"-40")

    Paiste Gongs | Gong Stands

    From $439.00

Showing 10–18 of 70 results


Your Guide to Paiste Gongs

How do I play my Paiste Gong?

The sound you create will depend on how you play your Paiste Gong. Always use a quality mallet when playing your gong – view our range of high quality gong mallets. Striking in the centre of the gong delivers a deep, enduring sound. Striking slightly off centre will result in a deep, full, swelling sound. And closer to the outer edge will ring a high, bright, roaring sound.

How do I care for my Paiste Gong?

Keep dust off the Gong by covering it with a soft sheet or material when not in use. Alternatively, you can purchase a high-quality Gong bag from us to protect your Gong during transport. 

Remove light dust with a soft cloth and avoid placing your fingertips on the metal by using soft gloves or cloth to handle the Gong. 

Paiste Gongs come with a good wax coating, applied in the final stages of production and should last a long time if handled carefully. We’ll provide detailed care and cleaning instructions when you purchase your order.

What types of Paiste Gongs are available?
Wind Chimes Australia has the full range of Paiste Gongs available. Choose from Symphonic, Planet, Sound Creation, Bronze, Symphonic Brilliant, Accent and Deco Gongs. 

What types of metal are used in Paiste Gongs?
Most Paiste Gongs in our range are made from nickel silver (NS12: 88% copper, 12% nickel)

This metal is a sonorous (meaning deep, full) alloy, which produces wonderfully rich, full frequencies.

The only exception is the bronze gongs made from bronze (CuSn8: 92% copper and 8% tin). The bronze gongs generally present a lower fundamental note, warmer character, and a more voluminous sound than the nickel silver gongs.

You’ll find more information about each gong’s metal properties on their individual pages.

How should I suspend my gong?
Paiste Gongs should be hung so they can swing freely forward, back, and to the sides without touching the stand. Your gong will arrive with a special suspension cord. This minimizes the transfer of vibrations to the gond stand. You may need to replace the cord over time.

To help you determine the right size stand, for example, a 24” gong is best paired with a 24” gong stand. View out collection of gong stands.


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