Paiste Gongs

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Paiste Gongs

Individually Hand Hammered – Precision Instruments

Paiste Gongs, individually hand made in Germany since 1906, are among the ‘highest quality gongs available in the world today.’ Made from nickel silver (a material with wide-ranging sound potency) they are precisely crafted and tuned and are used in different forms of music (i.e John Bonham of Led Zeppelin), sound therapy, in yoga studios and for meditation.

As one of only a few ‘Official Paiste Gong Centres’ we can offer you ‘excellent customer support right here in Australia.’ From assisting you to select the right gong for your needs through to the moment you strike the gong and after sales support. We offer competitive prices and if you do happen to find a cheaper price let us know and we will do our best to beat it.



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