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Where we began

Born from a passion for music, we started by selling our beautiful Koshi Chimes. Soon after, we began exploring Japanese Wind Bells, the world-famous Woodstock Chimes and continued to grow our offering as we discovered new one-of-a-kind instruments from highly-skilled artisans around the world.

Since the beginning, we’ve taken great care to source the highest quality instruments from trusted craftsmen. We’ve spent over a decade developing strong partnerships with global suppliers and have gained invaluable product knowledge over the years.


Industry-leading knowledge and support

Wind Chimes Australia is one of the country’s few Authorised Paiste Gong Centres, offering specialised advice and support. We’re also a leading supplier of traditional Japanese Wind Bells, crafted in limited batches at small artisanal workshops. 

We’re proud to be experts in wind instruments and sonic resonance. Meaningful, personalised customer service is a core part of who we are, and we’re thrilled that our customers recognise and share this with their communities. 

We also care deeply about the environment, using 100% post-consumer recycled office and wrapping paper and recycled packaging material where possible.

Meet our team

As a small family-run business, we provide the best possible customer service
with a level of product knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.


Managing the mayhem, expert on wind chimes and gongs.



Packaging superstar, holding the fort and friendly on the phone.



Organisational overtures and a true gift-wrapping extraordinaire.

The healing power of sound

We’re passionate about harnessing the power of sound to create
atmosphere, energise our spaces and bring peace to our hearts. We’ve
helped thousands of customers discover the benefits of sonic resonance.

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Wind chimes and other sound instruments create an ambience of calm and tranquillity, bringing peace and stillness to life’s busiest moments.

icon beauty


Our handcrafted instruments have been expertly designed and refined over hundreds of years to look as extraordinary as they sound.

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We partner with trusted artisans and workshops to stock the finest wind chimes and sound instruments from around the world.

Find your own sound

Bring peace, tranquillity and relaxation to your home with Australia’s largest range of wind chimes, wind bells, Paiste gongs and sound healing instruments.