Glass Wind Bells (Edo Furin)

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‘Edo Furin’ are hand crafted glass wind chimes from Japan. One of a kind pieces of art, blown and hand painted from the inside by master craftsmen. Being hand crafted each chime is unique and produces a slightly different sound.


Edo Furin were made as far back as 1600 and are thought to have been brought to Japan from China. Furin were originally hung in bamboo forests to ward off evil spirits who were thought to dwell there. Over time Edo Furin have become a summer fixture in Japan and the Japanese have a fondness for the unique and peaceful sounds that the glass wind chimes emit as they sway gently in the breeze.

In this modern era, the sound of glass wind chimes is still a welcome summer feature and the clear sound makes one feel cool.

Edo Furin are made by one of Tokyo’s last glass chime craftsman Yutaka Shinohara and his wife.

Note: Please do not touch the mouth/edge of the Edo Furin as they are intentionally left with a sharp edge for a better ringing sound.



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