Choosing the right gong accessories

A quality gong deserves the best accessories. Having the right gear will optimise the functionality, sound and longevity of your new instrument. So, here are the key accessories every gong player should consider.

Gong stand

A stable stand lets your Paiste Gong sing freely. Look for solid metal construction with a wide, weighted base to prevent tipping. Height-adjustable square models like Paiste’s square orchestra stands allow you to fine-tune positioning. Or opt for lightweight, portable floor stands for easy transport and floor-level playing.

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Types of gong stands available

Paiste Square Orchestra stand
Sizes: 20”-50”, holds 1 Gong, height adjustable, packs down compactly into a rectangular box or bag.
Benefits: can adjust to a comfortable height, even lower right down to sitting on floor height.

Paiste Set Square Orchestra stand
Sizes: 20”-40”, holds up to 2 Gongs, height adjustable, roller wheels, packs down compactly into a rectangular box or bag.
Benefits: can adjust to a comfortable height, even lower right down to sitting on floor height. Wheels make moving around very easy.

Paiste C-shaped Floor stand
Sizes: 20”-38”, holds 1 Gong, fixed height, single-piece frame, 2 wingscrews to attach feet.
Benefits: easy to set up, lighter than a square stand. Can play sitting on the floor or a raised platform.
Cons: Not height adjustable. Doesn’t pack down so compact as square stands.

Gibraltar Square stand
Single size: holds 28”-40” Gongs. Silver chrome, fixed height, possible to extend with extra parts.
Benefits: very stable stand.
Cons: more parts which makes setup/take down slightly more work. Fixed height, but can be extended with spare parts.

Meinl Gong stand
Size: 32”-40”. adjustable height.
Benefits: very solid and stable stand.
Cons: heavier than Paiste stands.

Meinl Framed Gong stand
Size: 40”. adjustable height.
Benefits: very solid and stable stand, can add a crossbar to accommodate a second Gong and add on wheels for easier manoeuvrability.
Cons: heavier than Paiste stands.

Gibraltar Rack Tool
Makes it easy to tighten windscrews on Gibraltar, Paiste and Meinl Stands.

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Gong mallet

Mallets with soft, dense heads, like Paiste’s specially designed beaters, draw out a gong’s rich, resonant tones. For added articulation, yarn-wound mallets provide a sharper attack. Rubber mallets are great for coaxing atmospheric textures from a gong’s surface. Match mallet size to gong size for ideal results.

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Types of gong mallets available

Paiste Soft Mallets
Designed for 11” to 80” Gongs. Specifically made to bring out the deeper tones of the Paiste Gongs.
Cons: can be weighty, but as an option, you can go with a smaller size than Paiste’s recommendation.

Olli Hess Soft Mallets
Designed for 16” to 80” Gongs. Coloured heads, beechwood handle. Fine crafted and are often a degree lighter than the Paiste equivalents which makes them well appreciated by many.

*Recommended size soft mallets for various-sized gongs.

Gong size/ Mallet size
(Note: the number in the Olli Hess model number refers to the weight)
20” Gong / Paiste M2 or Olli hess M174
24” Gong / Paiste M3 or Olli hess S186
28” Gong / Paiste M5 or Olli hess L355
32” Gong / Paiste M6 or Olli hess L460
38” Gong / Paiste M7 or Olli hess L815

For larger Gongs it can be advised to get a couple of different-sized soft mallets, E.g. one larger mallet to bring out the deeper tones and 1-2 lighter mallets for longer playing sessions with more finesse.

Yarn wound mallets
Great for extra articulation and special effects.

With either the Paiste M12 or Grover TT3 yarn wound mallets, you can get extra articulation from your strokes due to having a more dense head than the soft mallets.

Rubber Mallets/Flumies/Ewands
Create whale-like or spacey sound effects by applying gentle, even pressure and gradually drawing the rubber across the gong surface.

Olli Hess Ewand, good quality, produces a single tone.

Mike Balter Super Rub mallets, 3 different sizes means you can produce 3 different tones on the same Gong.

Olli Hess Lava Mallets, with 5 different sizes available from 30mm to 70mm head you can create awesomely deep sound effects on your Gong.

Olli Hess Crazy Egg, using different ends of the egg you can create two different tones.

Note: Rubber mallets can leave rubber residue on the gong’s surface when played. While it can be cleaned off with a soft cloth, we recommend you use the rubber mallets on the back surface of the gong to keep the front surface clean and free of marks.

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Protective case

Preserve your gong’s pristine finish with a padded case. Look for gong bags that feature a soft fleece lining – they’ll provide padding for your gong in storage and transit, and give your gong a gentle polish at the same time. Our Proline Protection Racket Gong bags feature shoulder straps, carry handles, sturdy dernier material and zips.

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Suspension cord

Also called gong gut, these cords attach gongs to stands, absorbing vibrations for a cleaner tone and extended stand life. Make sure the cord you choose suits your gong’s dimensions. Once in position, check the condition of the cord regularly and replace it when it becomes worn (often once every few years). Note, all Paiste gongs come with a cord.

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Protective wax

All our gongs come with a good wax coating from the factory. This should last several years if well cared for. However, there may come a time when you need to re-wax. Use an appropriate wax – like our Renaissance Wax – and avoid harsh chemicals.

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Still not sure what you need to make your gong perform at its best? Get in touch. As an authorised Paiste Gong centre, our team can provide expert knowledge and advice to help you get the most out of your gong.