Aeolian Wind Harps

Aeolian Wind Harps

Magical Music Played by the Wind – Beautifully Crafted Instrument

Wind harps have the distinction of being the only strung instrument whose music is composed entirely of harmonic tones, imbuing them with a vibrant resonance not heard in ordinary music. They are also the only strung instrument played solely by the wind. These two characteristics combine to create a music that for many people is especially alluring.

Window harps are to be hung vertically or placed horizontally on the inside of a window frame, where draughts and breezes blowing across their strings play the harmonic series of notes. The various airs can be likened to being different ‘composers’, taking many years for a listener to become familiar with the wind harp’s spontaneous ‘repertoire’.

Whether placed in a window of a home, work place, or centre, window harps create a refreshing ambiance – naturally!



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