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Australia’s leading online store for wind chimes and sound healing

Bring peace to your home and music into your heart with Australia’s largest range of wind chimes, gongs and sonic healing instruments. Let the relaxing melody of our Koshi Wind Chimes dance through your garden, and the harmonic resonance of a Paiste Gong energise your space. All our instruments are handmade by expert craftsmen and women and sourced from around the world, respecting centuries-old traditions to ensure the quality and authenticity of each item.

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Wind chimes and sound healing

Sound can be a powerful force. It can lift your mood, create a sense of ambience, calm your mind and bring you balance. Our range of wind chimes, wind bells and gongs can help you bring tranquillity and harmony to your home.

Best Sellers

Koshi Wind Chime – Aqua (Water)

Koshi Wind Chimes | Wind Chimes


Woodstock Chimes of Earth

Woodstock Wind Chimes | Wind Chimes

From $139.00

Furin - Temple Bell (Small)

Cast Iron Wind Bells | Wind Bells


Zaphir Chimes - Sufi

Zaphir Chimes | Wind Chimes

From $74.95

Wind chimes

Uplift your garden, terrace or backyard with the harmonic sound of a handcrafted wind chime. Explore our range of Koshi, Woodstock, Zaphir and Bamboo wind chimes.

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Wind bells

Bring a unique ambience to your space with the distinctive, twinkling sound of a wind bell or ‘Furin’. View our range of Japanese, glass, ceramic and brass wind bells.

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Paiste gongs

Handmade in Germany since 1906, Paiste gongs are among the highest-quality gongs available in the world today. Explore our range of Paiste gongs and accessories.

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Sound healing

These instruments bring tranquillity, relaxation and peace to any space. Browse the range of kalimbas, frame drums, cajons, tuning forks, tongue drums and wind harps.

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Our family-run business

We’re a small family business based in the seaside town of Portland, Victoria.
Since March 2011, we’ve been sourcing quality sound instruments from across the globe
to bring peace and tranquillity to our customers’ lives.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Sound Baths

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